Mischa Holz

On this website you can find some information about me and some of the programming projects I've done so far.


  • 11/20/93 - Birth in Offenbach am Main
  • 2000-2004 - Grunelius Elementary School in Frankfurt
  • 2004 - 2013 - Leibnizgymnasium Offenbach
  • 06/12/13 - Abitur with an average of 1.9
  • 10/14/13 - today - Studying Computer Sciene at the Technische Uinversität Darmstadt
  • 02/28/12 - 07/30/14 - Job as PHP developer at 4 for business (working on CONTENIDO)
  • 08/01/14 - 03/31/16 - Job as Java developer at MVB
  • 01/04/16 - today - Job as Senior developer at Acomodeo


TorTUga is a Resource Management System written for the educational department of the TU-Darmstadt.

It provides a platform for students and teachers to rent out electronic devices and the CSW itself. The system also provides access control to the room, using electronic locks, that can be opened with an emoji keycode or by scanning a QR code and logging in with your credentials.

Furthermore, the system allows users to create support tickets that can be handled by the CSW staff.

The Shard

"The Shard" was an online and interactive newspaper for my school, the Leibnizgymnasium.

Pupils could read, rate and comment on articles published by other pupils. Everyone was able to write their own content quite easily.

To prevent inappropriate articles from being published we (that's two of my friends and me) set up a voting system. Each "author account" was able to vote on articles that haven't been published yet. Once enough votes in favor of it were being cast, the article was published and visible for everyone.

The Shard also had a rudimentary (but self-written!) user tracking and reached about a thousand page impressions before the project came to a stop.

It also included WYSIWYG editors for articles and for the user pages.

The Shard


AlumNet is a private social networking platform for alumni of the Hessische Schülerakademie. This was also made in PHP with a RESTful web API which would allow 3rd party developers to develop their own clients.

The network is split into groups of members, which can be created by anyone and can be about anything. Members can share posts with surveys, events or files and can chat with each other in real time.

Via a WebSocket server and client, the whole website updates itself in real time (for example if someone sends you a message).

The Way Home

The Way Home is a game that my friends and I developed in 100 hours for a game jam. It's written in Java using AWT for 2D rendering.

The game features a ghost who is trying to find a way back home. The player has the ability to "possess" enemies to gain their abilities (for example jumping or shooting fireballs).

Furthermore, projectiles that leave the visible screen area, reenter the screen on the opposite site, which makes it possible to reach elements that would normally be impossible to reach.

These "strange" physics are used in puzzle challenges throughout the game.

There is a Let's Play of the game here and you can download it from Github here. Since this game was made in only 100 hours the code is not very pretty to look at.

The Way Home


$$$$$$$$$$$ is another game made by the same group of friends for another game jam. It's also written in Java and uses Slick2D for rendering (which is based on lwjgl).

This time the game features a person who has it all. They are super rich and already helped to solve all the problems in the world. which leaves them wanting to live a simple life just fishing in a boat.

The goal of the game is to spend all the money, while simultaneously trying to avoid making more money. It is heavily inspired by cookie clicker-like games but with a reversal of the goal. Here the player is trying to have as little of a score as possible (a low score), but still having enough money to buy the fisher boat.

This game was made in 48 hours and really could have used some more balancing. Its game is also available on Github here. Again though the code is not good code.


Email: me@mhlz.de · Telephone: +491724098055 · Twitter: @mischaholz · Github: mhlz

Mischa Holz
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