I've been a professional software developer for more than 7 years. Through my work at MVB and Acomodeo, I have a lot of experience working in complex distributed systems and especially building and designing those systems from the ground up.


My Software Engineering Experiences


When I started working as a professional software engineer, I started with focussing on the entire software architecture stack at my job at 4fb, helping to develop the PHP based CMS CONTENIDO.

Implementing new features in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL has taught me a lot about how the web and the different technologies work together.


Early at Acomodeo the development team consisted of 3 people and we had to develop a lot of features very rapidly while also building a robust infrastructure for future business endeavours. During that time I fell in love with Kotlin and Spring, both of which I now use a lot for backend work.

While the team grew it also became increasingly clear, that we had to grow into different roles, which meant for me that I started doing a lot more backend work (without losing sight of the end user of course).


I became responsible for keeping track of how our diverse micro service infrastructure is working together and how it could be expanded to cover more and more features.

This meant designing and implementing large distributed systems using our existing software libraries and making sure it was all working together.

The Future

Everything is changing constantly in the world of software development. That's why I make sure to stay updated on current and future libraries, languages and methodologies.


Like most software developers I also have quite a few side projects and hobby projects. Most of these relate to games or my voluntary work for the HsAka, but also some useful libraries and university projects.

Screenshot of Tortuga


TorTUga is a Resource Management System written for the educational department of the TU-Darmstadt. It was developed using Java and Spring to provide a RESTful API for a single page application written with Angular.

Screenshot of The Way Home

The Way Home

The Way Home is a game that my friends and I developed in 100 hours for a game jam. It was written in Java using AWT for 2D rendering. The game features a ghost who is trying to find a way back home. The player has the ability to "possess" enemies to gain their abilities (for example jumping or shooting fireballs).

Screenshot of the AlumNet


AlumNet is a private social networking platform for alumni of the Hessische Schülerakademie. It was made in PHP with a RESTful web API which could allow 3rd party developers to develop their own clients.

My Professional Career

Lead Developer
April 2016 - June 2019

At Acomodeo I worked as the Lead Developer for the GDS team, overseeing about 50 micro services and building tools and libraries for them.

Computer Science Student
October 2013 - today

I'm also still studying to get a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at the TU Darmstadt.

Working Student
August 2014 - March 2016

My second professional job was a working student position as a Java developer at MVB. During this time I first came into contact with Spring and its large eco-system of libraries.

PHP Developer
February 2012 - July 2014

At 4fb I worked as a PHP developer on the open source CMS CONTENIDO. I implemented various features in its backend such as drag and drop image uploading, new plugins and cleaning up a lot of very old PHP code.